Annual Lawn Treatments

The best way to get a healthy, lush and green lawn is by following a regular lawn care programme. AML Lawn Care helps to take the hassle out of treating your lawn, whilst saving you the time and money, allowing your Lawn to look its best all year round. The treatment programme includes regular feeding, weed and moss control as well as Aeration, Scarification, Over-Seeding and Top Dressing.

Below is a break down of our lawn care program which runs throughout the year.


Spring Treatment

February - April

Our spring treatment comprises of a granular lawn feed designed to work at cooler temperatures to provide early season nutrients to lift the lawn out of winter, stimulate growth and enhance the lawn’s appearance. Spring weather conditions tend to result in a flourish of weeds, so this treatment also includes a selective herbicide or a moss control. We also offer Spring Scarification, Aeration, Over-Seeding and Top Dressing if required.


Early Summer Treatment

May - June

Our early summer treatment consists of a granular fertilizer, which will ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy throughout the summer months. We will also provide an important weed treatment that will rid your lawn of many of the weeds that have developed and that ruin the uniform appearance. To support warmer conditions, we can apply Wetting Agent and Over-Seeding and Top Dressing services to encourage growth.



Late Summer Treatment

July - August

At this point in the year we use a controlled release, granular fertilizer, to help to maintain the colour and density of the grass.

We also carry out an additional Selective Herbicide Weed killer to target those unsightly weeds.


Autumn Treatment

September - December

As we head towards the end of the season, moss can start becoming a problem. We will apply a liquid application, which contains a high-performance moss killer, and low nitrogen feed to support root development.

This is also a popular time for Autumn Scarification, Aeration, Over Seeding and Top Dressing.


Winter Treatment

January - February

Winter is the time when moss tends to take hold within a lawn. Your winter treatment is carried out by applying a liquid product to your lawn that, as well as targeting moss contains essential nutrients to help avoid winter disease.

These services will be tailored to suit the condition of each individual lawn.