Scarification is a key feature to keeping your lawn in tip top condition.

Scarification removes excessive build of thatch and other organic content. Thatch is a build up layer of surface and sub-surface where dead grass, moss and grass clipping will accumulate over years. A build up of thatch will cause the quality of your lawn to deteriorate, As thatch builds up in the lawn it will be preventing nutrients, air and water to penetrate through the grass sward and into the root zone. The grass will become patchy and very thin, removing this layer encourages fresh, more resilient grass growth.

The optimum time of year to carry out scarification or general lawn renovation is during the autumn months from mid August to October. This is because the soil is warm and autumn moisture will assist natural recovery and seed germination as you go into the winter.

Spring can also be a good time for a light scarify as the cool soil temperatures and dry weather can hamper recovery as you go into the summer.


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