Over-seeding is one of the most important turf applications. Without new seed each year a lawn can start to look tired and thin which is caused by general usage.

At AML Lawn Care we provide a wide range of grass seeds to suit any lawn. Our grass seeds range from Dwarf Rye Grass, Chewing's Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue and Brown Top Bent.

All our grass seeds are coated to aid growth and establishment. Over-seeding a lawn can be carried out in the spring and also in early autumn.

It is essential to regenerate your lawn by over-seeding each year, especially if Aeration or Scarification has taken place. Aeration and Scarification creates soil contact and is a favorable environment for the new seed to develop successfully.

The correct seed for your lawn will depend on factors such as soil type, drainage, pH, how much wear and tear it will get, and how it is mowed and maintained.


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