Nightmare on Evesham Road

In 2012 we decided to completely re-landscape our rear garden. Early in 2014 we were becoming more and more disappointed with the lawn which was patchy and had very poor grass growth. Therefore, we contacted AML Lawn Care, who had recently laid our neighbors garden lawn, which looked as we would like ours to be. As a result of Adam Lee’s visit, we agreed a course of treatments which should bring back life into the grass, although scarification might still be required.

However, soon after starting the treatment we were going on holiday and in our infinite wisdom we decided to help matters along by carrying out some weed killing. Our big mistake was not to consult Adam.

We decided to treat all the weeds with ‘Roundup Gel’ weed killer, which previously had been successful on our driveway, but in our hurry to leave we paid scant attention to the User Instructions. The intention was that the weeds would be dead on our return in June; they were and so were large areas of grass around them!!! As a result, we contacted Adam to seek his advice. Following much discussion to find the best solution, we decided to replace the whole lawn.

The next step was to kill all the grass and refurbish/regenerate the top soil and lay a new lawn. The task was made more difficult by the very restricted access to the back of the house. However, in as little as three days we had a new lawn which was far superior to the previous one. The whole task was carried out most professionally. We were kept well informed of each step of the process. He arrived on the agreed day, on time and left no debris. In addition, we received regular phone calls to check on the progress of the grass knitting to the soil and Adam visited, whenever he was in the vicinity of our home, to see the lawn for himself.

My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending AML Lawn Care for the laying and maintenance of lawns.

                                           - Mr Jones