Many factors determine the quality of your lawn and garden. We offer a hassle free service that improves the overall appearance of your garden and lets you enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

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Lawn Treatments

Here at AML Lawn Care, we understand the importance of a well looked after lawn.

We are strong believers that the secret to a perfect lawn is natural well treated soil and that is why we only use organic, biological friendly festilisers, helping to produce a green and healthy lawn.

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The benefits of lawn aeration are often underestimated.



Scarification is a key feature to keeping your lawn in tip top condition.


Over-seeding is an important factor in keeping your lawn healthy over the year.


Top Dressing

Top dressing is made up from sand and loam. Once the renovation process has happened top dressing is worked into the soil surface after scarification or aeration has taken place.

Advantage benefits of top dressing

  • Speeds up the recovery of the aeration and scarification

  • Surface and smoothness quality improves

  • Assists germination after over seeding

  • Assists surface drainage



Is your lawn looking pasts its best and?

AML Lawn Care is the only local Lawn Care Company that will offer a turfing surface. We lay and provide the best turf on the market. We acquire our turf from Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

Hedge Cutting

Having your hedges, shrubs and trees pruned regularly can play a big factor in the overall appearance in your garden and can provide you with more light and space. Having over hanging plantation can cause big shaded areas which moss loves to thrive in during the damp months.

At AML Lawn Care we have all the professional equipment to maintain your hedges and trees from hedge cutters to clippers, we can tackle any job thrown at us.


Leaf Collection

Are you frustrated with leaves falling on your lawn, flower beds and Driveways?

At AML Lawn Care we offer a leaf collection service throughout the year to keep your property in tip top condition.We have professional vacuums that will collect leaves and other accumulated debris and collect it into a bag.

Once all the debris has been collected, then we will even take this away from your property.


Moss & Weed

After the dreaded winter Iā€™m sure you will have noticed that moss has started to spore over your drive way, block paving, walls and patios. We can get help to restore your garden to its previous standard, well look no further!

At AML Lawn Care we are offering a service with new technology. We will spray a biocide onto these surfaces which kills the moss. From this treatment, you will be able to see results with 24 hours.

With this treatment we will also kill the hard standing weeds and grasses which have congregated over the months and years.

Jet Washing

To keep your patio and drive way in top condition we offer a jet wash service. To remove the moss and grime from slabs and crevices.

We can also replace the damaged and worn away pointing, as well as replace the sand which is used between the slabs to restore your drive way and patio ahead of the summer.



These services will be tailored to suit the condition of each individual lawn.