The benefits of lawn aeration is often underestimated.

Here are a few good reasons to aerate your lawn

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Releases toxic chemicals
  • Increases biological activity
  • Helps water penetration
  • Assists nutrient efficiency
  • Improves surface drainage
  • Allows air into the root zone
  • Penetrates sub surface thatch
  • Reduces moss infestation

We offer two types of lawn aeration...

Hollowtine aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil cores from the lawn to relieve compaction. Once aeration has taken place the lawn will then allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate into the root zone. In order to achieve a nice lawn this service should be carried out twice a year.

Solid tine aeration is a similar process as hollow tine aeration, but the tines punch a 3” hole into the soil structure, leaving no soil cores on the surface.

Once aeration has taken place it is a perfect opportunity to combine this with a topdressing, a 50/50 blend of sand and loam would be brushed into the holes which will further improve drainage and root development.


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